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This is a complaint against Community Medical Center in Toms River, NJ. Where on the evening of November 24th I was surrounded and questioned by hospital security personnel for taking photographs of the facility.

These photos were of public areas and in plain view. As an advocate and disabled senior resident, also a patient and visitor to the center, I explained my interest in photography and reporting of newsworthy issues of public interest. However, in violation of my First and Fourth amendment rights, ("A WARRANT IS REQUIRED BEFORE ANY SEARCH OF A PERSONAL CELL PHONE AND THE PROTECTED MATERIAL CONTAINED THEREIN"), I was threatened and ordered to delete the cellphone images before exiting the so called private premises. On the following morning Toms River Police were unexpectedly sent to my residence to question me about the incident, which I believe was an effort by individuals to protect the bad image of the hospital.

Clearly the law is in my favor with regard to freedom of speech and from search and seizure. Moreover, I am outraged at the degree of rude suspicion, psychological intrusion, and unacceptable treatment of a contributing member of the community.

Consequently, I will demand a public apology from Community Medical Center, the restoration of my copyright material, and an apology from Toms River Police Department. I will also seek civil rights council concerning this matter.

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Lake Luzerne, New York, United States #1206768

I agree.I too have felt the same and similar things you mention happen to me as well

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